Des news de Tobi !

Nous l’avons rencontré lors de notre séjour au Kenya. Un grand monsieur.

Ci-dessous, le message que nous venons de recevoir :

We need your help for our next audacious miracle project 2019!

A decade ago we had our first charity team in the marathon wearing (running designed) hospital scrubs!  The first African female winner of the NYC marathon with us, along with Anthony ‘Goose’ Edwards, Sarah Jones, and James Legros, and thirty wonderful souls.

We had a big goal, why not build East & Central Africa’s first public children’s hospital?  We did it, opening in 2015.  Now we are treating 400 patients a day, kids getting access to quality healthcare in our amazing complex.

Ten years later; we start again.  We are building up to break ground on the first Kids Cancer Hospital in Sub Saharan Africa, in 2020.  9/10 kids diagnosed with cancers are dying in East Africa.


Please lace up your shoes, invite your friends, to run for a cause that will change the landscape for Cancers forever over in East Africa.  100% of what you raise will go to saving the lives of kids with Cancer.

Sign up for the lowest fundraising minimum, win a flight to Kenya, stay involved with us so we can change the world for children born into dire poverty. 

Next steps; hit reply!  or

Please send to all your running friends.  Please consider signing up yourself.  This is happening; we already have over one million dollars pledged for this project.

If you want more information on this amazing project please let me know and I will send it to you.

Have your own guaranteed entry?  We still need you!

Link here to race sign up.  See the full list of team benefits

  • Free Flight to Kenya for the team’s top fundraiser
  • 100% of your dollars going to this project
  • Named hospital bed raffled off to one team member in the new hospital
  • Great weekly coaching by our team of coaches (with our 20 NYC Marathon finishes between them)
  • Group runs in NYC
  • Weekly Team Emails with fund raising tips, hospital stories and discounts and more
  • Fantastic pre-race pasta dinner with our celebrity ambassador Anthony Edwards*
  • Cool Tech Shoe4Africa shirts
  • Huge running store discount
  • Breakfast Team Run, last year with 40-80% running store discount
  • All team members will be alerted of ground breaking/hospital opening holiday opportunities in Kenya

All runners get free race day transportation.  $3,000 fund raising, tax deductible

Email to ask about the Hotel & Flight Platinum package.

Best Toby
Toby Tanser, Shoe4Africa CEO/Founder
m: +1-646-932-1416 (USA)
m: +254-711-260121 (KEN) (ext 4031 @ S4A hospital)
a: Shoe4Africa, Church St. Station, PO Box 3142, NY NY 10008-3142
w:  e:

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